30 Things I Stopped Buying as a Minimalist

things I stopped buying including plastic bags

After I became a minimalist, I realized that there were things that I stopped buying just because I noticed that I didn’t need them anymore. One of the biggest changes that I made after becoming a minimalist was in the way that I shopped. Before, I would purchase items without giving much thought to whether … Read more

Minimalism and Hygge: Getting Cozy Without the Clutter

minimalism and hygge

I live in a Scandinavian country, so I’m constantly inundated with the concepts of minimalism and hygge. In a nutshell, these two concepts usually go hand-in-hand no matter the circumstance. With that being said, in this article, I’ll show you how to make your space cozy and uncluttered, and what exactly hygge means for Danes. … Read more

Minimal Capsule Wardrobe: How to Build One?

minimal capsule wardrobe

Having a minimal capsule wardrobe can be a great way to save money and simplify your life. By only owning a few essential items, you can reduce clutter and make getting dressed each day much more manageable. Most people would love a minimal capsule wardrobe but have no idea where to start. It gets overwhelming … Read more

Minimalist Apartment Checklist

minimalist apartment checklist

It can be hard to come up with all the stuff that you need for your apartment as a minimalist, that is why I have created this minimalist apartment checklist to get you an idea of what you might actually need. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment or downsizing the belongings in your apartment, … Read more

How to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle with a Family?

minimalist with a family

You might ask yourself if it’s even possible to live a minimalist lifestyle with a family. Well, spoiler alert, yes, it is. But how? And how long does it take? You may have heard of the minimalist lifestyle and thought it sounded great. A life with less stuff, less stress, and more time to enjoy … Read more

Extreme Minimalism – Owning Less Than 15 Items

extreme minimalism

Extreme minimalism is certainly not for everyone. But there are people who live with only 15 items. Find out how and why. Do you know Andrew Hyde? He’s a pretty interesting guy. He decided to travel the world and sell all of his stuff, so he could fit everything he owned into a single backpack. … Read more

What is Minimalist Aesthetic & How to Achieve It?

minimalist aesthetic

As someone living a minimalist lifestyle & living in a Scandinavian country where minimalist aesthetic style is popular, I find this trend very inspiring and calming. I am here to talk more about how to achieve a minimalist aesthetic in your own home. What is the minimalist aesthetic style in a nutshel? The minimalist aesthetic … Read more