Embracing Impermanence: The Power of Acceptance and Letting Go

Life is full of impermanence. Everything that arrives will eventually depart, whether it’s the people we love, our planet, or even our fleeting thoughts and emotions. Now, here’s the deal: Do you want to get stuck in this never-ending loop of thoughts and feelings?

Let’s think about the big picture. In the grand scheme of things, when you consider all the beings on this planet, does it truly matter if your toddler didn’t finish their lunch? Why bother resisting or desperately trying to change that? Who knows, they might have a fantastic rest of the day, right? And getting all anxious won’t change that outcome one bit!


So, how about we try a different approach? What if we just accept things as they come? Why waste our lives creating scenarios in our minds that probably won’t ever happen? Why spend our whole life living in our heads inventing scenarios that will never happen probably? It’s time to break free from living inside our heads!

It’s totally okay to have thoughts and emotions; we’re all human, after all. But you know what many of us don’t do? We don’t accept them. What we do is to resist them. Let me give you an example from my own life. I’m struggling to figure out what career to pursue after getting my SECOND bachelor’s degree. It’s overwhelming, and I feel like I’m failing, not knowing what I truly want from life, and dragging everyone else down with me.

But you know what? It’s much easier and wiser to accept where I am. To acknowledge my thoughts, emotions, and sensations about this situation. If I keep resisting, I’ll just end up overthinking everything and not taking action. And I figured that actions speak louder than overthinking!

I am not saying that it’s that easy to do but I am saying that it certainly makes a difference in how I live my day-to-day life.

So, here’s the plan: Let’s accept any internal patterns we’re dealing with right now. Just observe them and let them be. Notice what triggers them and how we react, without judgment. Realize that these patterns aren’t productive and won’t get us anywhere. And you know what’s even more liberating? Knowing that just like everything else, they’ll come and go.

We can detach from our ego and surrender, but often, we distract ourselves from surrendering through Social Media, TV, or whatever else. It’s time to strip away those distractions and just be ourselves. Because we are not our thoughts; we just are. So let’s embrace everything that comes our way and live in the present moment.

With love,

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