20 Minimalist Blogs That You Will Enjoy Reading in 2023

Here is my list of 20 minimalist blogs that I enjoy reading, and hopefully you will too.

The Internet is a great place to develop and grow, learn new things, and meet new people.

Consequently, it can also be a great place to find out more about minimalism, simple living, and the importance of less.

Some people think that blogs are old-fashioned but I truly believe that they can be inspiring, thought-provoking, and motivating, especially when it comes to something like minimalism which can be challenging to maintain in today’s world.

There are many different ways to live a minimalist lifestyle and there is no one right way to do it. Everyone is different. That is why, for seeing more perspectives on minimalism, I decided to write this blog post highlighting some of my favorite minimalist bloggers.

If you are someone interested in minimalism, decluttering, simple living, and intentional living, I urge you to check out some of these bloggers. They offer unique perspectives and tips on living with less and living a more fulfilling life. On top of that, if you want to expand your minimalist perspective, even more, I have some minimalist cooking blogs, frugal minimalist blogs, and even a minimalist fashion blog for you to check out as well.

Personally, I read blogs to gain insights and tips on my journey to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Even now, as a minimalist, I need some inspiration to keep going.

And I have to tell you that all of the minimalist blogs that I am going to share have something unique, interesting, and helpful to offer.

Top 20 minimalist blogs that will help you live a more fulfilling life

1. Zen Habits

Zen Habits was created by Leo Babauta. He succeeded to make it a top blog in only a year. And that is understandable, considering the content he creates is very helpful and practical.

Leo is a man who has gone through several life-changing experiences that have led him to minimalism. He has written a few books on the topic, including The Power of Less and Zen To Done.

On his blog, you will find helpful articles on productivity, goal-setting, time management, and of course, minimalism.

My favorite thing about Leo’s blog is that he provides very actionable and helpful tips that you can start implementing in your life right away.

Some of them are:
How to stop overthinking?
Being content with what you have

On Zen Habits, you can also find some life-changing training programs for changing your habits, being more mindful, etc.

2. Be More with Less

Be More with Less is a blog created by Courtney Carver. For those of you who don’t know her, Courtney is the person behind Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge that has inspired many people around the world to declutter their closets and only wear 33 items for 3 months.

Besides having this book, she also has a lovely podcast that you can check out here.

Her blog is about living with intention, creating more with less, and doing what matters.

Here are some articles that you might enjoy reading:
Why use your phone less?
Setting boundaries and the art of saying no

I really like Courtney’s Project 333, and if you are interested in learning more about a minimalist capsule wardrobe, I definitely recommend checking out her blog.

3. The Minimalists

The Minimalists is a blog created by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. They are also the authors of the book Everything That Remains: A Memoir by The Minimalists.

Their blog is all about living a meaningful life with less. On their website, you can find helpful articles, podcasts, books, and even documentary films about minimalism.

They have a very straightforward and honest approach to minimalism, and I like that about their blog.

Some of the topics they write about are:
Life lessons

I also enjoy listening to their podcast, and I highly recommend it if you are interested in learning more about minimalism and simple living.

4. Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker is the author of Becoming Minimalist, a blog about focusing on things that matter to us the most by becoming more intentional with our lives.

Joshua has some beautiful articles on his blog about simplifying your life, living with less, and decluttering your home.

Here are some of my favorites:
Being a model for your children
How Joshua Becker overcomes procrastination?

Besides articles, Joshua also has some great resources on his website, like books and courses about minimalism. His book, Things that matter is definitely worth checking out.

5. Simply + Fiercely

This blog is created by Jennifer, a self-promoted “reformed shopaholic” who now lives a more minimalist lifestyle. On her blog, she writes about living with less, capsule wardrobes, and living more intentionally. She has a strong belief that a fulfilling life comes only if we minimize, and I completely agree with her.

Some of the articles that you might enjoy are:
How to buy less but better?
Decluttering before moving

Jennifer’s writing style is very engaging, and I always enjoy reading her articles. So if you are someone that wants to limit their shopping and live with a capsule wardrobe, I suggest you check out her blog.

6. No Sidebar

A website that focuses on “designing a simple life” and provides helpful resources on how to do that. No Sidebar is all about living with intention, creating more meaningful lives, and living simply.

The website provides resources on topics like minimalism, purposeful living, and slow living. They also have a 30 Day course about simplifying your life.

Some articles that you might find helpful are:
Finding peace
How to start escaping and start living?

This blog is surely an inspiration for any aspiring minimalist. It provides great resources and articles about minimalism, and it is definitely worth checking out.

7. The Minimalist Vegan

In case you are interested not only in minimalism but also in veganism, this blog is for you. The Minimalist Vegan is created by Michael and Maša, a young couple who are committed to living a more minimalist and vegan lifestyle.

They write about topics like ethical consumerism, sustainable living, and of course, veganism. I really like their blog because it provides a different perspective on minimalism – one that is more focused on sustainability and social responsibility.

Here are some of my favorite articles:
Minimalist shopping tips
How to handle unwanted gifts?

If you are interested in learning more not only about minimalism but also about veganism and how to live a more sustainable and responsible life, I definitely recommend checking out their blog.

8. Minimalist Baker

Continuing with the theme of food, Minimalist Baker is a blog created by Dana Shultz. It focuses on simple and healthy recipes that are 10 ingredients or less, 1 single bowl, and only 30 minutes to prepare. How cool is that?

Her website is very user friendly and you can find tons of vegan and gluten-free recipes there. I have made a few of her recipes before and they were all amazing.

So if you are interested in eating healthy and simple food, I definitely recommend checking out her blog.

9. Balance Through Simplicity

Antonia is the author of Balance Through Simplicity, a blog about creating balance in our lives by living more simply. She has some great articles about self-care, productivity, and minimalism.

I really like her writing style and the way she presents her ideas.

Some of the articles that you might enjoy are:
Self-care ideas
Household habits to keep your house clutter-free

I definitely think that her blog is worth checking out, especially if you are looking for an authentic and relatable perspective on minimalism.

10. A to Zen Life

A to Zen Life is a blog created by Marissa, who has changed her life by becoming a minimalist. After decluttering her life and getting rid of material possessions, she felt lighter and happier.

On her blog, she writes about the organization, decluttering, and minimalism. I really like her blog because it is very relatable and authentic.

Some of the articles that you might find helpful are:
What is extreme minimalism?
Benefits of driving less

I also started watching her YouTube channel and I really enjoy her videos.

11. The Life on Purpose Movement

Erika is a wife and mom of three children, as well as a certified life coach, podcast host, and author of The Minimalist Way. In her blog, The Life on Purpose Movement, she writes about minimalism, motherhood, productivity, and intentionality.

She has come a long way in her journey to minimalism and she has some great insights to share.

Some of the articles that you might find helpful are:
Overbuying stuff during the holiday season
Decluttering blocks to break through

If you are someone struggling with letting go of stuff, I definitely recommend checking out her blog.

12. Break the Twitch

If you are looking for a more philosophical approach to minimalism, I recommend checking out Break the Twitch. It is created by Anthony Ongaro, who has felt the need to change his life, and now others.

He talks about the need to break the “twitch” – the automatic behaviors that we have developed over the years that are not serving us anymore.

Some of the articles that you might find helpful are:
Overcoming facebook addiction
How to change?

He also has a podcast where he interviews people about their journey to minimalism and how it has impacted their lives.

13. Minimalism Co

Minimalism Co is a blog about all minimalist aspects: from design to fashion, and even travel. They also have some interesting resources that could be helpful if you are interested in learning more about minimalism.

Content that you might like:
Minimalist Drawing
Minimalist Bedroom Tips

Don’t stop here, they have other interesting articles on their blog.

14. Simple Lionheart Life

Melissa is the author of Simple Lionheart Life, a blog about decluttering, intentional living, and minimalism. She has learned the hard way about minimalism, and she shares with others what she has learned.

She has some great articles about decluttering, living with less, and finding joy in simplicity.

Here are some of them:
Make your clothes last longer
Simplifying is not simple

Her articles are very relatable and down-to-earth, which I appreciate.

15. Reading my Tea Leaves

Reading My Tea Leaves is the work of writer/photographer Erin Boyle. She’s a minimalist, which is immediately evident when you enter her website—it’s clean, simple, and free of clutter.

Her writing style is conversational and relatable, making it easy to connect with her and her message.

If you’re looking for some light reading on minimalism, I recommend checking out her blog.

Content that you might like:
On shoe repair
Things you can do today

Erin has a unique writing style, and I think you’ll enjoy her blog.

16. Minimalism Basics

How can I not mention my own website? I created Minimalism Basics with the intention of helping people learn about and adopt minimalism in their own lives.

My focus is on providing actionable tips and resources that people can use to declutter their homes, minds, and lives.

I’ve been there. Shopping every week. Thinking that it’s normal. And decluttering constantly. And a constant fog in my mind would not lift. But no more. I’m on the other side now (mostly) and want to help you too.

Here are some of my articles:
How to get rid of sentimental clutter?
NO shopping challenges ideas

I am always trying to research, and listen to podcasts in order to bring valuable information to my readers. So I hope you will enjoy my website as well.

Minimalist fashion blogs

17. Style by Savina

Savina is the creator of Style By Savina, a blog about sustainable and ethical fashion. But her blog is not only about fashion.

She also writes about other topics such as capsule wardrobes, mindfulness, and minimalism. So if you are interested in those topics, I recommend checking out her blog.

Here are some of her articles that you might like:
Capsule wardrobe for work
Minimalist outfit ideas

Savina has a great sense of style, and her blog is very well-written. I think you’ll enjoy it.

18. Style Bee

Style Bee is a blog created by Lee who writes about simple beauty, minimalism, and effortless style. Her focus is on helping women find their personal style and feel confident in their own skin.

She has some great articles on minimalism, capsule wardrobes, and finding your personal style.

Here are some of them:
Minimal jewelry
Minimal dress

If you want to find your own style in a minimalist way, I recommend checking out Style Bee.

Frugal minimalist blogs

19. Frugal Minimalist Kitchen

Bri is the founder of Frugal Minimalist Kitchen. She is a thrifty gal who loves to share her tips on how to reduce spending and live a simpler life. She knows that every penny counts, so she’s always looking for ways to pinch pennies without sacrificing quality or comfort.

If you’re looking for some frugal living tips, I recommend checking out her blog.

Here are some of her articles:
How to save money on groceries if you have a big family?
Minimalist kitchen organization ideas

Bri’s blog is very informative, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

20. The Frugal Girl

The Frugal Girl is a blog created by Kristen, who loves talking about mindful spending, frugality, and all things in between.

Her articles are very thoughtful written and provide valuable information on how to save money without sacrificing your quality of life.

Here are some of her frugal articles:
How to save on groceries?
Food waste

Her website is very authentic. She shares a lot of her personal thoughts, experiences, and advice with her readers.

Bonus blogs

Years are passing by, and more and more blogs on minimalism appear. Therefore, my list of minimalist blogs expands. I want to share these new findings of mine that I hope you will find resourceful.

Barefoot Minimalists

Meet Mali, who talks about all the things that bring meaning in life: Personal growth, minimalism, digital well-being, as well as frugal living.

The name of her blog is special because it conveys that enjoying nature without shoes is also a kind of simplicity!

Here are some of her articles:
A 10 Piece Summer Capsule Wardrobe
10 Lessons Backpacking Taught Me About Minimalism

So, I encourage you to kick off your shoes, step onto the grass, and find inspiration in the resourceful articles of Barefoot Minimalists.

Final thoughts

Finding blogs to help us on our journey to minimalism can truly be a game changer. I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best minimalist blogs out there.

I am sure there are many others that I have not included, so please feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

Happy reading!


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