76 simple pleasures in life that are completely free

Being grateful for small things is what matters the most. Cherish these simple pleasures in life and don’t take them for granted.

Sometimes we tend to overlook the simple pleasures in life because we are too busy with other “more important” things. We are so wrapped up in our heads thinking about what is going to happen next that we forget about the present moment.

How do you define simple pleasures in life? It is rather hard to describe this sensation. But for me, it feels like a warm sensation throughout all of my body. It is like the air hugs me and I just want to smile and relax.
These simple moments are not anticipated or planned too much. They just happen.

Sometimes we even don’t enjoy it at the moment but feel so nostalgic after. For example, I remember going cycling about 20 km to a nearby city with my boyfriend. It was so far for me, lots of high hills, cold and tiring.
When we arrived there, we went to a cafe and I ordered myself a coffee and ate some takeaway sushi. I didn’t realize back then what a precious but simple moment it was. After I had been cycling 15 km in cold weather, I was sitting in that cafe drinking a hot coffee with my boyfriend and eating the best sushi of my life. Simple moments in life.

See, it doesn’t have to be something extraordinary like going on a vacation or buying a new house. These simple moments we usually enjoy the most.

Why simple pleasures in life are important?

Not rushing toward the finish and taking things step by step is what makes life meaningful.
We should enjoy the process, not the outcome.

When you are making yourself a coffee, are you just mechanically pouring water, turning on the coffee machine, and at the same time thinking about what you are going to do next?
Think about the senses that you can experience during the process of making coffee: the sound of boiling water, the sound of the coffee machine, and the smell of freshly ground coffee. Doesn’t that sound lovely? It does.

I love the sounds, touches, and odors of everyday life.

Usually, we think about something else, forgetting to emerge in the present moment.
If we succeed in being more mindful and present, we tend to be happier, and have more positive energy throughout the day. It is because we are not thinking but just observing what surrounds us.
That is why the simple pleasures in life are important. They improve our mental well-being.

The importance of slowing down

Enjoying simple pleasures in life can be done only if slowing down.

It is not a good idea to always be in rush, trying to get things done without taking a moment to simply breathe deeply and surrender. I understand that sometimes we are late for the bus, or that dinner has to be served soon. But being always on the go will stress you out even more.

It is sometimes essential to stop and take a breath, to slow down. Remind yourself that it is ok if not everything is done in one day. Give yourself mercy.

The act of slowing down helps to enjoy the process and be present, it helps you to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Again, appreciate not only the coffee but also the process of making it.

Slow down.

List of simple pleasures in life

  1. Drinking water when you are very thirsty.
    This is like being reborn. Nothing can be better than a big, cold glass of water (or more) after longing for it for a long time.

  2. Walking in the rain.
    We can either choose to run away from the rain or embrace it. Sometimes we can just let ourselves get wet. Especially if it’s warm enough outside and we are not going to an interview meeting.

  3. Seeing the rainbow.
    Wondering like a child when seeing the rainbow is such a simple pleasure in life. Feels like magic.

  4. The change of a season.
    The first signs of a new season can bring so much joy. After a long winter, the air finally smells like spring, and you can hear the birds, and see nature blooming.

  5. Trying new meals that are actually delicious.
    Getting out of the comfort zone can feel uncomfortable. But when deciding to try a new meal and actually enjoying it, feels like internal fireworks.

  6. Stretching muscles after a long day.
    Releasing the stiffness from the body brings so much relaxation. In particular after a long and stressful day.

  7. The smell of coffee.
    Doesn’t it feel cozy and pleasant when you come into someone’s house and it smells like coffee? Or when entering a coffee shop? It is like being in heaven.

  8. Rediscover a song that you liked.
    An old song can bring up so many beautiful memories. It is so nostalgic to remember some of the highlights from the past. Feels like being a child again.

  9. A hot shower when you feel stinky.
    This is the best feeling, taking a shower after you have cleaned your house, gone to the gym, or just didn’t have a chance to take a shower in a long time. Taking a shower is good anyway, but especially when feeling stinky.

  10. Taking a walk after the rain.
    There is something magical about the air after it has rained. It is much fresher and cleaner. The air makes your mind fresh and up to date as well.

  11. Waking up realizing that you can sleep in today.
    It feels so good to wake up and go back to sleep in the morning because you have a day off or it is the weekend. Especially on one of those rainy, gloomy days.

  12. Having a clean, tidy, and organized house.
    This one might be for cleaner lovers mostly, but there is something special when you know that it is all clean, and you don’t have to worry about tidying up for a few days. You can just do your stuff.

  13. The sound of the sea.
    It is so easy to relax your body and mind when you hear the sounds of the waves! It just makes you forget about all the worries in this world.

  14. Swaddling in a soft blanket.
    That is what all of us need during cold winter or autumn days. Such a simple pleasure, and completely free.

  15. Ordering something extraordinarily delicious from the restaurant.
    You never know if the meal that you order is going to be delicious. But when you taste it and realize that it is very good, you feel lucky.

  16. Walking barefoot on the sand.
    Felling the sand under your feet is such a nice sensation, in particular when the sand is warm and without stones. Just pure sand. Reconnection to mother nature.

  17. Hugging.
    Sometimes we underestimate the power of a hug. But we shouldn’t. A simple hug can bring so much happiness and warmth. You know how it feels.

  18. Taking a long walk.
    After spending a long time indoors, a long walk can be such a blessing. Just walking and not thinking where to go or how much is there left until you get home.

  19. Vacuuming.
    I love using a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the floors. It’s just something about it that brings so much satisfaction: seeing how the dirt just vanishes, oh!

  20. Wearing a piece of clothing for the first time.
    We shouldn’t get too excited about material things, but it is pleasant to wear a brand new piece of clothing, isn’t it?

  21. Reading a book.
    Usually, we don’t have time to read, but it is delightful to sometimes let us read a good book. We deserve it.

  22. Feeling inspired to do something.
    That spike that goes throughout all body feels so good. If you have it, don’t lose it, seize it and take action.

  23. Helping a stranger.
    Whether he is lost or just wants a piece of advice on places to eat, it is a pleasant feeling to help that stranger.

  24. Baking.
    The process of baking itself brings so much happiness. Not talking here about the excitement of eating that pastry or cookie, just about the activity itself.

  25. Exploring a new place.
    Seeing new places can bring so much joy. It also makes us feel limitless and more inspired.

  26. Having clean linens.
    There is something about going to the bed in the evening and having fresh linens. Such a simple pleasure in life, but makes us so happy!

  27. Observing the clouds.
    You can not get bored while looking in the blue sky at the fluffy clouds that smoothly move and change.

  28. Eating a fruit.
    The fact that fruits are not only delicious but also healthy makes us enjoy eating them even more. Simple, healthy, delicious!

  29. Journaling.
    Writing your thoughts down feels amazing! No matter how sad or happy you are while writing.

  30. Watering plants.
    It is so therapeutic to simply water your plants, giving them the nourishment they need to thrive and oxygenate your house.

  31. Being in a state of flow.
    Forgetting about time and all the issues that we go through.

  32. Enjoying the present moment.
    Sometimes we forget about every problem that we have and simply emerge into the present moment, not thinking about the past or the future.

  33. Going to bed early.
    Knowing that going to bed early will give you extra time for sleep feels good!

  34. Waking up early and having lots of energy.
    Usually, we wake up sleepy and we want to sleep more, but this feeling of waking up with tons of energy is rare and amazing.

  35. Putting pajamas on after the shower.
    Oh, that moment after a long day when all you have to do for the rest of the day is just take a shower and put your comfy pajamas on.

  36. Crossing things off your checklist.
    There is something so satisfying about doing this. You are finally done!

  37. Making someone laugh
    The empathy toward others can be measured by the satisfaction that you receive when making someone laugh.

  38. Standing up after a long drive.
    Oh, stretching those muscles after you have been driving for an eternity feels incredibly good.

  39. The feeling that everything is under control.
    Of course, control is an illusion, but some days just feel like you’ve got this, you just feel limitless.

  40. The excitement about the future.
    Buying a new house or starting a family is so exciting! Let that excitement fill you within.

  41. Swimming.
    Whether you are a professional swimmer or you just swim for fun once a year, it feels good! Nothing can get wrong while swimming.

  42. Decluttering.
    Donating, recycling, and giving away items are lovely things that you can do. It is like you can fully breathe again!

  43. The first bite of a delicious dessert.
    “Oh, this dessert is so good! I don’t want it to finish ever! I want to it it all day long.”

  44. Popping bubble wrap.
    Just another simple pleasure in life.

  45. Seeing a friend on the street.
    You are just walking alone on the street with your earphones on and voila, a familiar face pops out! Nice feeling, isn’t it?

  46. Blowing out your birthday candles.
    Happens only once a year, so try to fully enjoy this simple moment.

  47. Seeing a beautiful sunset or sunrise.
    A stunning sunset or sunrise can definitely boost your mood and make your day better.

  48. Listening to the birds singing.
    The song of the birds is the best music that you can listen to. It is so peaceful and beautiful.

  49. Decorating for holidays.
    This is usually an activity that members of the family do together, which makes the decorating process even better.

  50. Collecting and eating fruits directly from nature.
    The fruits and veggies taste so much better right after you pick them up out of the tree or crop. A burst of flavors in your mouth.

  51. Receiving an unexpected gift/surprise.
    It could be as small as a love note from your partner on a random day. Even such a small surprise can cheer us up a lot.

  52. A conversation that never ends
    Sometimes we forget the notion of time when talking to someone, because of never running out of subjects to discuss. This is an amazing feeling.

  53. Buying yourself an ice cream.
    No comments. Just one of the simple pleasures in life.

  54. Giving someone a gift that you know they will love.
    It’s not making only you happy but also the person that receives the gift.

  55. Discovering a new song that you love.
    Playing it on repeat, non-stop, not only in your earphones but also in your head. All the time.

  56. Lighting up a candle and staring at it.
    Did you know that Danes light up candles every evening during the winter? And that they are among the happiest people in the world? See the connection?

  57. Smile to a stranger and receive a smile back.
    When this happens, it feels like we are all one, a trusting and loving community.

  58. Staring at the flying birds in the sky.
    Peaceful and beautiful.

  59. Drinking orange juice.
    Such a refreshing thing to do! Hm, especially if you have a croissant on hand.

  60. Smelling the fresh air in the morning or evening.
    Early mornings and evenings are when the air is cleaner, because of fewer people and therefore less pollution. Take a deep breath and let the air fill your entire chest!

  61. Laying down after a long day.
    You surely know that feeling of tiredness when all you want is finally get in the bed. And when you are finally there, is the best sensation ever.

  62. Laying down on the floor.
    There is nothing wrong with laying down on a couch or bed, but there is something about doing it on the floor. All the muscles feel much better.

  63. Swimming on a hot summer day.
    It is so revitalizing to swim on a hot day. The best way to chill out after getting sweaty and hot.

  64. Starting a bonfire.
    You know what I mean if you ever had a bonfire in the evening when it gets dark and cold outside. Marshmallows would fit great in here!

  65. Having green lights while driving.
    It’s not only about being in rush to arrive somewhere in time. Although if that’s the case, it’s even more rewarding. It’s about the deep satisfaction that some of us feel when things and processes in our lives run smoothly and efficiently.

  66. Seeing a falling star.
    The fact that it is quite rare to see a falling star makes it even more magical and beautiful.

  67. Finally received that email.
    Waiting for an email feels like ages! Therefore there is so much excitement when receiving it.

  68. Starting a new habit.
    Whether it is becoming more minimal or starting working out every morning, it feels exciting to start something new.

  69. The smell of freshly cut grass.
    You cannot pass through the smell of fresh-cut grass and not feel better. It just happens subconsciously.

  70. Taking a deep breath.
    In the middle of the chaotic and stressful life that most of us have, a pause for a deep breath feels amazing.

  71. Dancing in front of the mirror.
    Doesn’t matter if you dance well or not, nobody sees you. What matters the most is that it improves your mood and makes you smile.

  72. Eating popcorn.
    The smell and taste of popcorn are so delicious. Oh, and that crunch.

  73. A picnic on a sunny day.
    The food at the picnic is for some reason always so good. Goes well with that wine.

  74. Singing in the shower.
    Spiders are good listeners. Sing more!

  75. Putting cream on dry hands.
    That feeling of moisture and hydration is indescribable. After moisturizing your hands, you feel like you have no problems in this life.

  76. Sniffing in the scent of a flower.
    Be one with nature.

Final thoughts

We have so many beautiful moments in our lives. All of them are free to enjoy and we can choose to either appreciate them or neglect them.

Creating and enjoying these simple pleasures in life will make your life so much more meaningful. They are the ones that can make your gloomy day better. Let them fill you with joy and happiness!

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